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Stephen Duirk, Ph.D., Senior Engineer. Stephen E. Duirk, Ph.D.: Steve has been involved with environmental chemistry and engineering projects since 1997. He finished his Ph.D. in 2003 in environmental engineering from the University of Iowa and is an expert in the area of physical/chemical treatment processes. Steve specializes in heavy metal sequestration, transformation of organic contaminants, and innovative oxidation processes.
Daniel D’Agnese, President. Daniel D’Agnese served in the United States Army 1st Air Calvary Combat Infantry He served in the Republic of Viet Nam from 1969 to 1970, was honorably discharged and is a decorated veteran. Upon release from the military he attended Oberlin Business College and is a member of numerous local and international professional and charitable organizations. Dan has an extensive understanding of discharge, recovery and test well piping systems and a working knowledge of the rules and regulations covering them. Dan has a current OHSA Certification and has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry. Twelve years of that was in property development general construction and included residential and commercial pipe fitting, plumbing and sewer connections and gasoline fueling system designs and installations. Twenty-nine years has been committed to the environmental clean-up industry where he was a pioneer in the practice of advanced biological remediation technologies and is well qualified in the development and deployment of numerous piping systems to deploy biological agents and regents such as; vertical drilling, sophisticated remedial deployment irrigation systems, test well systems, horizontal directional drilling, HDPE piping treatment systems, vapor extraction, pump and treat recovery systems and closed loop recovery systems to contain site groundwater contamination. Bio Rem is a leader in the biological remediation of contaminated insitu and exsitu soils and groundwater. Bio Rem has developed many proprietary products and processes for the clean up of petroleum and derivative products. Most notably gas stations, refineries and industrial facilities in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Dan has designed unique remedial designs such as a "Polish -Off Maintenance Program" for failed vapor extraction units utilized by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. He has provided the Florida Department of Environmental Protection one of a kind "state-of- the- art" horizontal boring designs to biologically remediate under State of Florida four lane highways without traffic disruption at anytime. Dan has provided the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency similar designs to biologically treat under entire city blocks without property disruption. He has worked with the NEORSD to eliminate petroleum contamination from mainline sewers systems caused by gas station releases. Dan has achieved listings and ratings as Innovative Technologies for his processes by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Conservation and Florida Department of Environmental Conservation and is currently providing designs to decrease contaminated sewer discharge to Regional Sewer Districts. Together with the University of Akron, and the University of Akron's Innovative Technology and Research Facility, Dan has also designed an innovative technology and corresponding facility to decrease river bedload from reaching shipping channels and remediate organic contaminants such as contaminated river sediment, sewer and general sludge(s) as well as other organic contaminated materials and return them to beneficial use. Dan has been a requested speaker and educator for systems and techniques for the remediation of waste in University's in the United States and aboard. PARTICIPANT IN:  The Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference (AWMA)  The University of Florida “Soil & Groundwater Remediation” Exhibition  US-EPA/NASDA Environmental/Energy Overseas Program  De LaSalle University – CERTC & Air & Waste Management Association (Manila Philippines)  Lecture “Land Remediation & Waste Management Technical Workshop” in Manila, Philippines.  Lecture “Akron University Department of Engineering” Wil Hemker, Business Development. Bio Rem USA, Inc. has more than 25 years of specialty chemical product development, commercialization project management experience. Presently, he is with The University of Akron Research Foundation, Entrepreneurial Fellow - EIR. His experience has been in the commercialization of specialty chemicals and ingredients into domestic and international regulated product marketplaces (FDA, EPA) for food, pharmaceutical, environmental and medical products. Profession Experience: includes Durkee Foods Div. SCM Corp., research chemist / section leader; BFGoodrich Specialty Chemicals, senior research chemist / technical manager; GOJO Industries, principal scientist. Academic Background: B.S. Chemistry; M.S. in Food Science Alexis Killinger, Biosketch Alexis graduated May 2014 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering with a focus on Environmental Engineering from The University of Akron. Her senior design team completed the initial River Bend R3 (Recover, Remediate, Reclaim) Facility Design and Soil Washing Project. Alexis is actively pursuing R3 capabilities while earning her M.S. in Civil Engineering at The University of Akron.